…songs about the ]ARCHITECT[…

It is interesting that in television and film, ]ARCHITECTS[ are generally depicted in a significantly poor light, where the character  playing an ]ARCHITECT[ may be “loveless”, “clumsy”, a “nerd” or the like.

However, as rare as they are [as you may see by the relatively minimal list, and actually to my surprise a difficult one to compile also, below] in songs, the musical lyrics usually depict our ‘hero’ the ]ARCHITECT[ in quite a respectful light.

I cant imagine a life without architecture… nor could I live in a world without music. I always find the experience of when the two are combined, heightens the experience of one and the other.

Please enjoy, as I have compiling this list ….songs about the ]ARCHITECT[.


[As always, if you have more to add, please feel free to add them in the comments below]

David Bowie – Through These Architect’s Eyes

Simon + Garfunkel – So Long Frank Lloyd Wright

33.3 – An Open Letter to Buckminster Fuller

Decemberists – Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect

I am an Architect

dEUS – The Architect

Guru – Respect The Architect

Guster – Architects And Engineers

Spin – The Architect Song

Rise Against – Architects

Kate Bush – An Architect’s Dream

Trey Anastasio Band – Architect

Death Cab For Cutie – Army Corps of Architects

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]Sou Fujimoto – 2013 Serpentine Gallery – London[

..one can walk through..

..one can walk on..

..one can sit within..

..one can sit on..

..one can climb..

..one can descend..


“it doesn’t feel very safe, I’m not going to lie” 

[Unknown – overheard by someone climbing within]

Its been a few weeks now since visiting the Sou Fojimoto [http://www.sou-fujimoto.net/] Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park, and have subsequently read several articles, which have only  added to the experience.

I must attest, that I agreed most of Jack Self’s article in Domus [http://www.domusweb.it/en/architecture/2013/06/7/sou_fujimoto_serpentinegallery.html], in particular his summation of the Gallery concept itself:

We must name the Serpentine Pavilion for what it is: a star factory whose elitist self-perpetuation typifies the vapid iconicity of the pre-Crash years” SELF

Fojimoto’s was the first Serpentine Pavilion that I have had the pleasure of visiting, after many years glossing through only images in magazines + on the web, and this was an incredible experience.

Rare as it may be in London, my visit occurred on a clear summers afternoon, and the pavilion seemed to float like a ‘cloud’, over the hastily [still being] installed turf. Climbing over and through the structure, one feels like you are in a tree house, with the proximity of the surrounding trees enveloping you.

The pavilion is far more complex than its simple white cubic geometry would suggest, as one’s senses are heightened exploring this welcoming building which draws you in, and your wish to exit is only hastily thrust into reverse for a further need and desire to explore further.

It ‘blurs’ into the background, not only visually, but also audibly and psychologically and into its surrounds one seems to disappear momentarily as you try to focus on the building you have become enmeshed and enveloped in.

The people and the electricity around this building is amazing! Its ‘playfulness’ is inspirational, simply an incredible place to be within as well as a very successful piece of architecture!

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]Top Android Apps for Architects + Designers 2[

Thank you all for the support in reading my blog ]Top Android Apps for Architects + Designers[ it has been quite overwhelming the popularity + traffic through the site!

Having said that, the blog from September is still sadly quite up to date, with really only a very few [proportionally] additions to the ‘Google Play’ store of any Android Apps relating to architecture or design.

Most of these additions are from the big CAD firms, allowing for opening of your files when you are on the go, which is always very handy, especially when you can simply open a drawing on your smartphone or tablet.

I do however have a new sub category, which is quite exciting, ]Architect’s Android Apps[, which are apps created by architects for their respective firms. Kudos for adventuring into the app world colleagues! Let’s hope that there will be more online + available shortly! I am currently working on my own app, and hope to have it ready in some way or another [fingers crossed] in the next few weeks.

]Top Android Apps for Architects + Designers 2[



From Graphisoft, the makers of ArchiCAD + BIMx, comes a mobile version, so one can make some checks [+ revisions] on the run!


Autodesk 360 Mobile

Autodesk 360 Mobile

Autodesk 360 for those that need to utalise the ‘cloud’ functionality on your smartphone or tablet


Architect Broe


One could say that this is a nice little archi ‘blog’ app, sometimes nice to check out.


Architecture Meis Pavillion


Its nothing crash hot, but it’s a little fun being able to walk around this 3D model of Mies’ Barcelona Pavilion.


Dictionary of Architecture

Dict of Arch

A nice app for having a Architecture Dictionary in your pocket, only a few day trial on the free version.. so if the internet isn’t enough for you, think about paying for the full version..


Unofficial “Archdaily” App

Unoff Archdaily

Actually a big big fan! Its not quite the ‘official’ app for ArchDaily [which we all love + enjoy] but until they release one, this is very concise, and easy to use! 5/5!


]Architect’s Android Apps[

Taylor Associates Architects

Taylor Ass Architects


Christopher Kidd Architects

Christopher Kidd


Boggs Vicker Architects

BoggsVicker Architects


Manica Architects



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]CPD for Architects[

Continuing Professional Development [CPD] is a necessary, valuable and mandatory reality for many architects around the world, in order to maintain their registration with the regulatory bodies. For some it is seen as a nasty evil, that they have to complete their [insert here] hours for the calendar year. Many complete much of the requirement by attending national conferences + lectures.

In Australia, Architects have to complete a minimum of twenty [20] hours of CPD, of which a minimum ten [10] hours need to be completed in formal sessions, and a further ten [10] hours can be logged as “informal”.

In Lithuania, CPD is a little less strict at this stage, and architects only need to complete a minimum of  thirty [30] hours over five [5] years, where in the UK, a little more strict, an architect must complete a minimum thirty-five [35] hours in order to maintain ones registration.

Personally I really enjoy completing my CPD. One must brush through a lot of the ‘advertorials’ that are virtually unavoidable, but one starts to see that through continuing learning is advantageous in additional knowledge + skills that many of these courses do provide.

Please find some useful links that I have discovered and visit myself from time to time. Some of these MAY assist you in completing your allotted CDP requirements, others may be informative + simply some interesting reading + maybe an additional source of knowledge.

As always, your comments + contributions are always welcome!

CPD – UIA [International Union of Architects]




CPD – NSW Architects Registration Board [AU]


CPD – Architects Board of Western Australia [AU]




eClassroom [AU] – PAYG Online Courses


CDP – Continuum (RAIA) [AU] – PAYG Online Courses


AEC Daily [US] – Online Courses


RIBACPD [UK] – Online Courses


BDOnline Architecture CPD [UK] – Online Courses


Electronic Blueprint [AU] – Online Courses


Architects Journal [UK] – Online Courses


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]Top Android Apps for Architects + Designers[

As an avid Android enthusiast I get rather frustrating these days that the other “i” applications are almost the only applications discussed in many e-zines + newspaper articles. Android is the fastest growing of the operating systems when it comes to smartphones and tablets, and commands a whopping 68.1% of the market share. Yet all you here about is “i” application this and “i” application that.

As an Android enthusiast and an Architect, I love using the android applications on my HTC for work and play when it comes to architecture. Many times when I’m on the move and i need to check something, I usually don’t have my laptop near by. But that is almost no longer problem nowadays, as Google Play (formally the Android Market) almost has an answer for that, with many architecturally related applications.

Here is where my frustration has come up with  a minor solution, I have compiled a list of what at this stage I have discovered as some very handy Android applications which I am sure will assist many “Android Architects” out there like myself.

Please add your comments, and even suggestions so that we may share our Android app experiences with our architect colleagues.

12. Dwell


When ArchDaily comes out with their app, this will quickly fall down the list! Similar to the website, it gives you many design ideas. Its very easy to use, and a great reference guide on the go.. when you dont want to open up the net + open ArchDaily or Dezeen.


11. Autodesk SketchBook Mobile Express


You can never beat a good ACTUAL sketchbook! That feeling of pen or pencil on paper is something that I personally could never give up. This is a good little tool, one you need to master, but good and fun to have.


10. Buildings


How often do we forget to compile the list of “must see” buildings to visit, or when we do, forget an address to find them. This application is fantastic when you are travelling. It gives you small photos of many buildings, and also their addresses + distance from current location.


9. Adobe Photoshop Express


Photoshoping on the run is difficult at the best of times when you have a laptop, mouse + some space. On the phone, its not bad, on the tablet a bit better, but when you need to make one of those last minute changes quickly, its very very very handy!


9. Design Dimensions


A very very handy reference application for when you need to check on dimensions for many many various elements. The database is quite extensive. I use this as a guide only, obviously one must check standards + regulations for most uses.


7. Steel Sections


This is simply another fantastic little reference application, for when you need to check on some steel section dimensions. Simple, effective + very useful.


6. Bridge Architect


There are not many “fun” architectural type apps, but this is! Fun and simple, and you also  get to challenge that structural engineering education that you had back in second year of university!


5. Architect Quotes


Another app, that is more for fun, and a little also for some knowledge. There arent too many quotations, but there are enough to allow you to ponder, analyse, and discuss in the office + with colleagues.


4. Dropbox


Having the ability to access an online file store in this day and age is essential. Having this “online portable hard drive” means that you can also access documents from almost anywhere, and save a few forests for those advanced users.



3. Instagram


Site photos and photos of architecture in general take on a new dimension. Sharing images with Clients is very easy, and it nice to also get some feedback on your photos from colleagues and friends. But, an app that is also just a little fun!


2. Autodesk AutoCAD WS


No matter if you use AutoCad, ArchiCad, Microstation or Vectorworks, there is always a .dwg version of the drawing file. Here you can annotate, review + comment drawings on the go, and even when desperate make some last minute minor amendments!


1.(tied) Twitter


This is a tie between Twitter + Tweedeck as with one the other would not survice, nor would be as good. Social networking is incredible. The sharing ideas, articles + thoughts amongst architects is growing, and it simply a fantastic way to interact with your colleagues.


1.(tied) Tweetdeck



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]RENDERINGS: Scaleless, Contextualess, Pornography[

Historically, renderings have been the highest form of art which architecture has produced.

Hand, pen, shading

Playful, emotive, contextual

Meticulous work, bringing a building and a setting to life through an architectural perspective or visualisation.

Renderings and architectural visualisations have become PORNOGRAPHY!


[… THE underGRound…2003, Gintas Reisgys] 

The render has become the lifeblood of architecture porn. They have become meaningless, juxtapositions, most of the time pathetic excuses of deception, which lull the viewer into a false sense of reality.

[Insert CAD/BIM software here] be it Autocad, Revit, Archicad, Microstation, Vectorworks or their even more 3D cousins in 3D Max, Sketchup or Rhino have their information pumped into Photoshop or Illustrator to have solar flares, lifeless cardboard cut-out people + blues skies morphed in to create timeless ‘pretty’ perspective snapshots of finished products, that have barely .

Walk into any final architectural studio presentation or exhibition, and you will see repetitions of ad-hock banal lifeless states, that are passed off as ‘visionary architecture’,  but are simply hours of ram churning algorithms that have no statement or understanding of what is architecture. Students utalise these tools, and are said to be far more advanced, through their immersion in video games, but are fixated in this static lifeless state where scale, surrounds and context are lost.

The farcical nature of the “render” is that it is generally produced by the person/persons in the office with the least ability to construct or have the understanding of how a building is put together!

What was once art, has become contextual-less rubbish, renders have simply become feeble attempts to absorb the human [being] into the hibernated video game reality,  where the blurred divisions of cyber + reality exist, where  scale, surrounds, context and most importantly gravity are all lost.

There needs to come an end to the crass pornography of the cheap meaningless renders that is painting the architectural profession as a tawdry group of pornographers, and return to the production of visualisations that dont just simply “look cool”.

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…Architecture Films + Documentaries…


We all enjoy films. In this digital age, with everything so accessible via this world wide web, we are getting to enjoy a greater synthesis of film + architecture, including more documentaries. DVD’s are hard to find, but gems when we do. YouTube has a plethora of short snippets, previews + trailers that can be found.

I have brought together a package of ]Architecture Films + Documentaries[ that I have enjoyed watching over the last few years + I hope you enjoy this ]Architecture Films + Documentaries[ collection + hope to bring more again shortly.

Should you enjoy the documentaries by all means I encourage you all to seek out + purchase the DVD from your local architecture bookstore or DVD library.

Again as always, your suggestions + comments are more than appreciated!

Architects Herzog and DeMeuron: The Alchamy of Building + Tate Modern

IMDB: n/a

Other: http://www.artfilms.com.au/Detail.aspx?ItemID=2357

Vito Acconci in Conversation at Acconci Studio ]2007[

IMDB: n/a

Other: http://www.cduniverse.com/productinfo.asp?pid=7697329&style=music

Antonio Gaudi ]1984[

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0086907/

Great Expectations – a visual journey through the history of visionary architecture ]2007[

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1051999/

Other: http://www.artfilms.com.au/Detail.aspx?ItemID=3580&CategoryID=24

Building the Gherkin ]2005[

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0831278/

Eames: The Architect and the Painter ]2011[

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1972646/

Frank Lloyd Wright Murder, Myth + Modernism ]2005[

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0988978/

Liquid Stone: Unlocking Gaudi’s Secrets ]2009[

IMDB: n/a

Visual Acoustics ]2011[

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1233611/

Bilbao Guggenheim Museum  – Stan Neumann ]2006[

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1261819/

Visions of Space: Antonio Gaudi: God’s Architect ]2008[

IMDB: n/a

 Other: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0074nvw

My Architect a Sons Journey ]2003[

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0373175/

Rem Koolhaas – A Kind of Architect ]2008[

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1287920/

Other: http://www.artfilms.com.au/Detail.aspx?ItemID=3977&CategoryID=24

Sketches of Frank Gehry ]2006[

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0446784/

The Belly of An Architect ]1987[

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0092637/

Kochuu – Japanese Architecture Influence & Origin ]2003[

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1047829/

Other: http://www.artfilms.com.au/Detail.aspx?ItemID=3579&CategoryID=24

Philip Johnson – Diary of an Eccentric Architect ]1997[

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0325973/

Jean Nouvel ]2008[


IMDB: n/a

 Other: http://www.microcinemadvd.com/product/DVD/793/Jean_Nouvel.html

Regular or Super ]2004[

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0466479/

 Other: http://icarusfilms.com/new2005/regu.html

Visions of Space: Meis Van Der Rohe: Less is More ]2008[

IMDB: n/a

 Other: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0074nxb

Frank Lloyd Wright: Ken Burn’s America ]2005[


IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0988978/

Other: http://www.pbs.org/flw/

How Much Does Your Building Weigh Mr Foster ]2010[

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1620785/

Other: http://www.mrfostermovie.com/

Koolhaas: Houselife ]2008[

IMDB: n/a

Other: http://www.koolhaashouselife.com/

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